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Video Editing Timeline

Film and Television

Keeping Up with Mom (2022 Short)

Synopsis: As boredom sets in, 80 year old Carol successfully goes snooping for adventure and watches with delight, as her three daughters navigate the repercussions of her actions.

Position: Sound Design

The Nightlife of Hands (Short)

Synopsis: Find out what your hands do while you're asleep.

Position: Sound Design


Saving Face (2023 Short)

Synopsis: During a trip to the Barcelona Museum of Art, Carmine and Maria accidentally ruin an important painting and and try to fix it. Meanwhile, a curator tries to impress an important investor.

Position: Sound Design



Janice is an incredible director, I’ve worked with her numerous times and it’s always been such a great time! She is very passionate about her work, I’ve never seen anyone produce content as fast as her! She’s so professional and it’s always a pleasure to get to work with her! I highly recommend her if you’re ever in need of a director, mixer or actor!

Jacki Gorton / Voice Actress

Professional, easy to work with, and talented, Janice is an amazing asset to any team. A true star in many categories, you may just be blown away by the incredible quality of work she puts out!

Will Engel / Voice Actor

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